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     Don Blazer was an author, a teacher, a trainer and a trader.  For more than 40 years he helped thousands of horses and horse owners enjoy the best of relationships based on knowledge, understanding and actions which are mutually beneficial.
     Don was the author of eight How-To books on training and horse health care.
     As a teacher, he traveled from Alaska to Australia teaching training techniques, and taught horse courses for seven college programs.
    Show horses or race horses, he trained world class winners. He won 2 world champion titles and his race horses won both Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Stake races.
    Making Money With Horses is not only the title of one of his books, it was a way of life for him.
    Don began his career as an author, trainer, teacher and trader at 19.
    On April 7, 2014 Don lost his battle with lung cancer.  His wife and daughter were by his side at the home he loved.
    Don left boxes of columns and those cherished writings will continue to be published on his web site.

Eleanor Blazer

A Horse, Of Course
By Don Blazer
              If you’re going to breed horses, raise them and train them, then you’re significantly more important than the genetics involved.  Yes, you!

           The greatest value derived from the study of genetics may be the jolting of the student from the world of dreams and into reality.  Everyone dreams of breeding a winner; the reality is few do.
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      Whether you want a horse-training book or a horse-care book, you'll find all the books on this site have been selected because they are direct, to the point, and offer advice proven to be beneficial to the horse.  
MAKE MONEY WITH HORSES, NINE SECRETS OF PERFECT HORSEMANSHIP     E-BOOKS:  Natural Western Riding, Training Performance Horses, Feeding the Senior Horse, Supplements - Yes or No, Simple Bookkeeping and Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship.
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